Report of RTS 23


This report monitors financial instruments reference data submissions according to the regulations of EU MiFID II. Landing page of the solution helps identifying errors with the upload by system responses. Buttons on the bottom call to display the detailed list of reported instruments per selected market and instrument type.



 Vendor reporting


This solution follows the evaluation of monthly variable fees and annual contractual fees, the monthly number of subscriptions arriving from professional and non-professional sector reported by vendors. Below image shows the country split of market heat mapped by how intense activity each location generated on trading per year.




Stock Exchange – Market Makers performance report – Special trading conditions


This report identifies trading days of the various instruments when market making performance was lower than expected based on the market making agreement with partners. Evaluation of performance also takes the special trading conditions like stressed and exception market conditions time into account.





Mantis – IT ticketing system reporting


Current status of open tickets helps fine tune IT service management and reallocate resources when necessary. This dashboard allows to drill down to single tickets while gives an overview of the open and expired, the new, pending and various statuses of IT related requests.




Guest list – To be invited


This report evaluates potential guest’s participation willingness and gives you a quick rating on your campaigns’ audience. You can edit your “to be invited list” for upcoming events based on past events participation rate by just one single button click to add or remove.