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Dataset is an IT company providing business intelligence solutions for customers operating in a wide variety of fields. Our approach covers back-end and front-end services in order to raise efficiency, visibility and control over business processes.

About US

First you should know

Founded in 2008, our main focus has been on data warehouse development. At an early stage we mainly worked on SAS DWH projects run in commercial banks. Our solutions have extended to MSSQL, Oracle and Greenplum platforms, and we have a wide range of clients. While growing in experience, we have broaded our range of technologies and provide whole business intelligence solutions. With our team of experts, we can support your logistics, financial, sales, marketing, and controlling departments with expressive reports and analysis on company processes and predictions. 

Currently we provide consultation, design and implementation of DWH and other database related developments and data visualization for our clients.

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Why Dataset

Some reasons to choose us

Complete BI solution

We offer both back-end and front-end business intelligence solutions to our customers. We can help organize and store data, and advise how to gain pertinent information in order to improve business processes.


Our team consists of narrowly chosen members as we put a great emphasis on the professional background and knowledge of our colleagues. They all have experience from different fields which allows us to provide BI solutions for everyone regardless the industrial sector. Our team of carefully chosen experts have years of experience in a variety of fields. Our unique perspective allows us to provide BI solutions for every industial sector.


We create a solution based on our client's individual needs. Our services start with consultation, through which our aim is to map the business processes of our clients. Once we gain the necessary information, we work out a unique solution that is tailored to the needs of our client.

Expertise and experience

With over a decade of experience, we partnered with multiple organizations to provide our unique solutions. We have faced a variety of issues and strove to solve them whilst gaining knowledge and experience. After seeing the results, our clients have stated that that our work has significantly improved efficiency, productivity and visibility.


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